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As a therapist, my role is to collaborate with clients in overcoming challenges to live more fulfilling, authentic, and successful lives. Everyone has regrets, things we wish we never would have done, people we've hurt along the way, people who have hurt us either intentionally or unintentionally. I'm a firm believer that we can heal our wounds and step into happiness. I utilize a person-centered approach and strengths perspective. This means that our sessions will begin with you and your needs. Together, we will build from your strengths to explore and examine current struggles.

My theoretical orientation is mainly Humanistic. Simply, we focus on your growth potential and connecting you with the resources you need to grow. This orientation essentially helps people gain a sense of their wholeness and potential and a commitment to individual awareness and expression, self-fulfillment, and individual growth.

I have an unswerving belief in your capacity to grow. I hold deep respect for people's judgments about what they need in their lives. I strive to build a strong alliance w/ my clients. Our work together is based on the belief that you must be actively involved in the processes affecting your life.

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